5 Simple Gardening Hacks To Grow More Strawberries

1.) Make sure you trim all the new runners and blossoms, so the rest of the plant will get the nutrients it needs. Especially in the first year when a new strawberry plant needs nutrients the most, so they can establish good strong roots.

2.) Watering your strawberry plants is extremely important! Make sure to fully soak them with about 1 inch of water each week.

3.) Spread mulch around the base of your strawberry plants. Use your own fresh made mulch if you have some. This will help with making sure they are getting additional nutrients and for moisture control.

4.) Protect your strawberries with a wire mesh cover or even a cold frame in those early Spring months. Remember strawberries are delicious and humans aren’t the only creatures that love eating them.

5.) Keep up on picking your fresh strawberries. Harvest the red ripe ones by cutting them by the stem.